Raekwon recently launched his label Ice H2O in Canada, located in downtown Toronto. Speaking with Exclaim.ca, the Chef explained his intentions for the imprint, which features first signee JD Era, and what listeners can expect from his new movement.

“Basically it’s just like a media talent academy label that just allows cats to expand on their dreams and know their place and now to become more career-minded with [their] dreams,” he said. “We’re just here to instill that in their heads. At the same time, [we’re] looking to do deals with artists and develop them, because you know the labels gave up… They don’t know what’s in the streets anymore. They’re so far away from it and that’s why they are who they are. I’m not hating on them, I’m just saying, ‘We’re gonna go out there and help develop these stars’ and help them make money, too.”

Rae, who said he is currently a “free agent,” is set to begin recording a new album, with plans to release Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. III in 2012 via Ice H2O. He also hopes to get Cee Lo Green and Erykah Badu involved with his upcoming biopic, and is expected to join back up with Wu-Tang Clan for its 20th anniversary.

“I got a lot of things coming up,” he said. “You got the 20-year Wu anniversary about to jump off. You know we scheming on some things. Going back on the road, doing something legendary again.”

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