Although Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy responded with “all them motherfuckers” when asked what his favorite Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition songs are, he did speak on a few tracks that he’s excited about being released.

Among them is his record with Jill Scott titled “Trap” in which the singer is rumored to be rapping on. Another track the rapper’s looking forward to is “Higher Learning” his collaboration with both Devin The Dude and Snoop Dogg.

“The Jill Scott record, which is crazy, it’s called ‘Trap.’ it basically kinda sums my life story up in the song. You know what I mean? Once you see the documentary or the movie so to speak you’ll kinda see where I’m coming from,” Young Jeezy explained to XXL Magazine. “Definitely the ‘Higher Learning’ song with Snoop and Devin because it’s just a different feel for me, but it just kinda shows people that I sit back in the cut and I observe and this is what I’m putting out. ‘Higher Learning’ to me was I felt the game was missing that classic.”

Jeezy of course spoke on his mega-collaboration with Jay-Z and Andre 3000 titled “I Do” and explained that his collaboration with those two artists only moves him closer to legend status.  

“‘I Do,’ Jay-Z, Andre 3000 which is fuckin’ crazy. It was a whole thing of I grew up watching these cats. You know what I mean? To align myself with them they have a great record to me was showing that okay I’m here to stay. I get it,” said Young Jeezy. “Of course trap music that’s what I do and now the world is my trap. So that’s how it’s gon’ be and I’mma show ‘em that I’mma boss, I’mma boss up for myself. I’mma surround myself by people that are legends cause that’s only gonna mean one thing. That when it’s all said and done I’mma be a legend as well.”

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