During a recent sit-down interview, Trina announced that she is no longer affiliated with Slip-n-Slide and fueled rumors that she would join Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group. Miami’s Trina shared that she still has love for Slip-n-Slide, where she has spent her whole career, but that it’s time for a change. 

“I’m no longer considered to be affiliated with Slip-n-Slide,” Trina told MTV’ Rap Fix. “Slip-n-Slide is like my family. I grew up with those guys, and it’s been a long journey. I love them dearly, but it’s time, in my career, for me to move forward, and I’m excited about taking the next step and seeing what’s there for me.”

“I’m not the kid on Slip-n-Slide’s roster anymore,” she continued. “I’ve spent my whole career with Slip-n-Slide — five albums — and I’m really excited about going forward without them, but I still look at them as family, no matter what.”

When Trina discussed working with Rick Ross, speculation began to build about a possible move to Ross’ MMG. Trina did not confirm or deny a move to MMG, but will be working with Ross on her next album.

“Ross has been a mentor in my career from the start,” she said. “Even before the world got a chance to see him, he was a part of my team. For him to come out and be very successful and do his thing and for me to still have him in my life, it’s a blessing. For me to work with him on my sixth album and have him there to guide it, understand what I want and see my vision, that means everything to me.” 

Trina fueled similar rumors in July, where she said her new label situation is a “secret.” The more recent interview with Trina can be seen below, via Rap Fix.

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