During a recent trip to Los Angeles, Trina spoke to DJ Skee about upcoming work with longtime friend Rick Ross as well as her new label situation. The Miami rapper said she’s excited to get back in the booth with Ross and added that she’s always been a supporter of his. 

“I’m very excited. I love him,” she said of Ross. Trina explained that she had love for Ross’ music before he took off to chart-topping success. While he was still making a name for himself, Trina says she would take his mixtapes out on tour and promote his work.

“I was on tour and I was taking his mixtapes on tour, promoting, pushing him before people knew who he was.”

The favor has been returned. According to Trina, Ross is heavily involved with her projects, lending his ear and advice when needed in the studio.

“He’s so supportive. Whenever I’m in the studio, he comes through…I always feel safe when he’s around, especially when it comes to music. I feel he has that ear.”

Trina also added that she’s in a transition period as she changes her label situation. 

“I’m actually done with the label. I’m having a new situation, which is a secret,” she added.

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