During an interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, Harlem rapper Immortal Technique gave fans a quick update on the status of his next studio album, Middle Passage.

According to Immortal Technique he and producer/engineer Southpaw are about 70 tracks in and are about halfway done with the project.

“[It’s about] halfway done. We just have a few really, really incredible guest spots that we’re right now finishing up consolidating. And then hopefully we’ll be able to be on point for a release early next year,” Immortal Technique revealed.

While fans may have to wait a few more months for the release of Middle Passage they’ll likely find solace in the newly released free project from Immortal Technique titled The Martyr. The Martyr was released last week and according to Immortal Technique has received somewhere around 200,000 downloads.

“Yea, that shit shut down like a record. It shut down MediaFire. We had literally like 20,000 download’s within a span of less than an hour. The response is amazing. We’re at a day in and we’re already at like 200,000 downloads with the collective of all the people that were passing them out. It looks like it’s just gonna grow and grow and grow,” Immortal Technique explained. “And that’s what it should have done because I really wanted to show people that in this climate where we’re talking and raging against the forces that control everything, every aspect of our society, there needs to be something that we can get the people.”

Immortal Technique also spoke on the title of The Martyr and why he chose that particular name.

The Martyr is more a reference to what has to die within the individual for someone to be reborn,” said the rapper. “The eternal struggle of someone that is fighting with the aspect of themselves: the ego, the sanity, selfishness, and sometimes those things that aren’t selfish but that you want in life. Like revolutionaries don’t really tend to live very long. They tend to not be the best fathers sometimes because they’re so concerned with the world’s problems those that are right under their nose sometimes go neglected.”

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