Harlem, New York’s Immortal Technique recently spoke with Forbez DVD about a variety of issues, mostly focused on his career trajectory and his view on the significance of money.

During the interview, Technique shared that he was once viewed as a gimmicky rapper, one who talked about “revolutionary” subject matter just for the hype. However, he says that his actions have shown that it’s deeper than that for him. 

“It was never a gimmick,” he said. “In the very beginning, people thought it was a gimmick. After I refused to sign to major labels, after I built the Green Light Project, where we built the orphanage in Afghanistan and I went out to Afghanistan, after I went out to Haiti myself…that we actually did the benefit show with Joe Budden, with Joell Ortiz here at S.O.B.’s. Big up to those mother fuckers for participating, Styles P, Cormega, and everybody else I’m missing right now…Doing that shows people, I live this.” 

He later went on to address the topic of money making, saying that money should never define who you are. He also added that people should invest in more than simply cars and jewelry. 

“Remember, it’s not just about making money; it’s about what you do with it. Let’s say you hustle your ass off, get that 200 stacks off all that trap money. What you gonna do with it? Buy a car? It’s worth half of what it was when you rode it off the lot. Buy some jewelry? Bad investment. That has a twenty percent resale value. What you gonna buy with your money? What you gonna build? What you gonna get that’s not a liability but that will increase in value and make you worth something? Obviously, if you’re relying on money to define who you are, you don’t think you’re worth nothing. Think about that.” 

Technique also spoke on American politics, sharing that the U.S. has not won a war since “World War II, keep it real.” The full video can be seen below. 

Immortal Technique Says What You Do With Your Music Money Really Determines Your Worth!

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