Mobb Deep is currently gearing up for the release of their Black Cocaine EP, releasing November 21st. Speaking with MTV RapFix Live’s Sway Calloway, Prodigy and Havoc explained that the seven-track project is just “a warm up” for what’s the come on next year’s Mobb Deep.

“We got Nas on the album, we got Bounty Killer on there… That’s it so far because it’s just a warm-up project,” said Prodigy. “We ain’t want to put too may features on there, it’s just a Mobb Deep thing, really. We worked with Nas because that’s the home team, man. I know people miss hearing that Mobb Deep and Nas collaboration. Every time we do a song, it comes out real good and stands the test of time, always.”

Havoc also touched on the group’s relevance in today’s Hip Hop climate, explaining that Mobb Deep is a brand that fans can trust.

“Basically, we are who we are. We not really trying to fit in. we just trying to be who we are, so we just us. That’s who we are in today’s Hip Hop environment,” he said. “We not trying to do whatever everybody else is doing. I think people can appreciate that on a certain level even if you into a Drake and Weezys and all of this. But when you look at us, you go ‘Oh, that’s a brand that we all know and can trust.’ That’s where we are today.”

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