In an interview with fellow artist Rasheed Chappell, Los Angeles rapper Blu described his unconventional process of writing a full song. 

“I have many different techniques of writing,” he said. “Sometimes I write to the beat, sometimes I just pen it on a napkin, I might type some shit in my phone. I did most of the j e s u s album on my iPhone…it’s my favorite album.”

j e s u s strayed far away from the feel of Blu’s most acclaimed album, 2007’s Exile-collaborated Below The Heavens. He explained that that decision was deliberate. “I try purposely, down to the line not to repeat any album. To make sure every album has its own identity. Below the Heavens was what it was but it’s so defining to people of who Blu was–I call it my forever 21 album. But a nigga’s 28 [now].”

As the conversation drifted to the topic of other albums that cannot be recreated, Blu shared which album he believes is also timeless. “Illmatic is the best Hip Hop album of all time,” he said. “Me being a Hip Hop fan, it only makes sense.”