After Rick Ross suffered two seizures yesterday, his Young Money comrades are wishing him a speedy recovery. Speaking with MTV News’ RapFix, Nicki Minaj, Birdman and Mack Maine shared their well wishes for Ricky Rozay and how they’ve been coping with news of his ailments.

“We actually been talking about him and praying for him on the trailer because he’s such a crucial part of hip-hop right now and we’re just hoping he’s healthy,” said Nicki. “That’s all we can do is pray and hope that he gets some rest and comes back stronger.”

“Ross is a friend of the family I sure hopes he’s alright,” added Birdman while on the set of his upcoming music video for “Y.U. Mad.”

“I pray the homey’s good man. That’s super-fam, that’s my brother,” said Mack Maine. “That’s my brother minus the music. You don’t run across too many real cats in this fake industry period and that’s a real dude.”

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