As the buzz around DX Next graduate Mac Miller has grown since his introduction to the music industry, major labels have been calling. Now, according to Miller, he can “pick any label.” During his recent interview with The Masked Gorilla, Miller discussed this option and why he feels it’s important and inspiring to remain independent. 

“There’s certain things that majors can bring you…but I just kind of want to go and see what we could do on the strength of just being us,” Miller explained. “For me, I want to see if we can change the game, change the industry. I think it’s dope because it’s inspiring a lot of kids to really try to do it themselves, to use the social networking and the Internet and YouTube and take their shit really seriously and kind of go on their own.” 

Rumors of Miller being signed to a major have been swirling. Earlier this year, an email was sent out from an Atlantic Records representative regarding Miller’s latest work. However, according to Mac, this was just a misunderstanding and a mix up. 

“Sam Crespo, a dude who helps send out records for me to see if we could get them on the radio, works for Atlantic but he has his own independent thing that he does to help an independent artist get on the radio. It’s still funded by us to try to get it but it’s not like we get hella spins. So, what happened was, he was supposed to send out an email from himself but he accidentally sent it from his Atlantic email [address].”

After clearing that up, he acknowledged that he is in an interesting position where he can decide to sign any time. According to him, he can “pick any label.”

“I’m not trying to sound cocky but I could pretty much pick any label I want and sign to it right now. It’s not like I can’t get a major record deal. It’s kind of just me taking my time and figuring out what’s the best for me. That’s a big step for me.”  

In September, Mac talked about wanting to go platinum independently. Miller is currently focusing his efforts on his latest project, Blue Slide Park. For more from the interview, check the video below. 

Mac Miller Says “I Can Pretty Much Pick Any Label I Want To And Sign To It” In Interview from MASKED // GORILLA on Vimeo.

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