Method Man has been a staple in Wu-Tang Clan‘s live performances, but often times not all members are able to commit to the shows. Speaking with MTV RapFix Live’s Sway Calloway, Johnny Blaze explained that other obligations like movies prevent the group from joining forces as a unit.

“Certain individuals who have raised their level a little bit higher than what the rest of the Clan members were, had other obligations at times,” he said. “Like this last [European] tour, RZA had a movie, he was doing his movie and he couldn’t make it out because when they lock you in, you’re locked in. a few times myself, I had movies and obligations, things like that.”

Meth, who is set to star in the upcoming films The Sitter and Red Tails, also touched on his collaboration with Dr. Dre in 2002, explaining that while the West Coast veteran must not have been feeling their track together, he wouldn’t mind linking up with him again.

“You gotta ask Dre. That night, I was in the studio with him, and Dre, he different. He like you to come in, be ready to go,” he said. “That’s why I give a lot of credit to Xzibit, because Xzibit will go in there one take and he’s done. I got a little bit too blowed, and Dre was, ‘OK, I want you to rhyme here but then I want you to talk here but then come back into the rhyme in the middle.’ I was like, ‘Aight Dre, you got it.’ It was like five in the morning by that time. I just said, you know what? I’m going to lay this down and if he like it, he like it. And I guess not, because I ain’t never heard the song. And I ain’t heard from Dre since. But I’d definitely work with Dre.”

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