As a producer who has been around for decades, Ski Beatz is an artist who is quite familiar with the various trends in Hip Hop. The producer recently spoke on the latest musical trend in Hip Hop, which happens to be creating tracks reminiscent of a 90’s sound, in his interview with

In the interview Ski Beatz explained that 90’s music was inspired by the 70’s and that music now is beginning to sound more and more like songs from the 90’s.

“Camp Lo is a perfect example of that sound. The 90’s is like the 70’s now,” Ski Beatz explained to “You know what I mean? A lot of [people are] getting hip to that 90’s sound. I just came back from Paris yesterday and all they wanted to hear, they didn’t want to hear anything that was on the radio, all they wanted to hear me spin was all 1990’s music. You would’ve swore I was Kid Capri in Paris.”

At one point in his career Ski Beatz took a break from sampling and instead utilized a live band, he explained his reasoning behind that choice during the interview.

“Well, the original reason was we [had] an independent label and I was doing like a lot of sampling when I first hooked back up with Dame and he was like ‘Yo, we independent. We not gonna be able to clear the samples. We ain’t got no budget for this.’ So I said ‘Yo, we’ll just replay them.’ We’ll find some musicians and we’ll replay it,” said Ski. “But we took it a step further we got the musicians but turned the musicians into our band, our in-house band.”

While Ski Beatz is most well-known for his production talent he revealed that he might return to the mic for his next project, Karate School Part 3.

“I might do something later. I think on this Karate School Part 3 I might do a feature on a track with somebody, it all depends. [I’ve been] rhyming lately so I might do it…That’s my first love I gotta do it,” he explained.

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