Homeboy Sandman recently announced that he signed a deal with Stones Throw Records, a connection made after a friend passed off his music. Speaking with CurrentHipHop.com, Boy Sand explained that Peanut Butter Wolf reached out to him after producer Jonwayne introduced his music to him.

“I first started talking to Peanut Butter Wolf. He had become aware of my music through a producer named Jonwayne. Jonwayne was the person who put Peanut Butter Wolf onto me. He heard some of my stuff, started hearing more of it, and we were just talking about doing something on Stones Throw whether it was a collaboration with Stones Throw artists or a project,” he said. “It was already apparent to me that Stones Throw was a label that cultivates creativity. I couldn’t imagine how anybody… that’s what it is to be an artist. You make stuff that comes from inside you.

“They’re a creative hub themselves,” he continued, “so I’m really looking forward to taking my creativity and melding it in with theirs, creating a one of a kind, once in a lifetime, earth-shattering, mind-shattering, mind-numbing, spine-tingling thing.”

So far for his Stones Throw debut, Homeboy has nabbed production from J57, Exile and 2 Hungry Bros.

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