In honor of the 10th anniversary of Jay-Z’s The Blueprint, J. Cole recently chopped it up with’s Mikey Fresh and shared some of his memories of buying the album. During the interview, he recalled copping the CD and how it stuck with him for “so long.”

“I remember just as a fan. I remember exactly where I bought it from. I bought it from the mall, the little CD store they had right in the front of the mall,” he said. “I got the album. I just remember looking at the case and being like, God, the packaging is so ill! The blue tinted case. I just remember. I remember never taking it out the CD changer for so long.”

Though he brands it a “classic,” Cole explains that there’s only one song that he skipped every time. “That album is a classic. There’s only one song I ever skipped on that album religiously, and that was ‘Jigga That Nigga.’ I always skipped that,” he said. “But everything else was my shit on that album. Especially ‘Renegade,’ I played the hell out of that.”

As for his opinion on if Eminem murdered Hov on “Renegade,” Cole sticks up for his Roc Nation boss. “I probably would say ‘Renegade,’ but everything pretty much ties,” he said of his favorite cuts. “Of course, Eminem got it, but Jay had incredible verses. That’s what some people fail to realize. Jay had some of his best verses on that. That’s how good Eminem was, that Jay had some of his best.

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