The Montreality Show recently caught up with Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller for an interesting interview that touched on everything from Miller’s favorite airports (Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport topped that list) to the one artist he’d like to work with in the future.

As a fan of Outkast, one of his tattoos is dedicated to the iconic duo, it should come as no surprise that the one artist Miller would like to work with one day is rapper Andre 3000.

“Definitely Andre 3000. That’s one of my favorite rappers ever. I don’t know, if I could work with him it would be crazy,” said Miller when asked who he’d like to work with. “I don’t really wanna put too much into who I work with because if people don’t wanna work with me or believe in what I’m doing then it’s cool…I mean I already have some tracks in with some legends in the game so I’ve already done things that I never believed I would do before.”

Miller also revealed the albums he currently has in rotation, among them are When Fish Ride Bicycles and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.  

“I just got the new Cool Kids album, When Fish Ride Bicycles. Shout out Chuck and Mikey. Let’s see, [I] always have an Outkast album in there. Right now I got Speakerboxxx/The Love Below because I’ve been listening to Aquemini so much that you’ve gotta have both,” Miller explained. “Then I’ve got Danger Mouse’s project with Jack White and some other people.”

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