Although Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller may only be 19-years-old, the rapper cited Big L’s 1995 album Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous as one of the reasons why he chose to pursue a career in music today.

Miller spoke on Big L, his upcoming album Blue Slide Park, and the songs that propelled him to where he is today in an interview with DJ Semtex.

“I’ve always had a love for music on all forms and all types of music…Being as young as six exploring music and writing songs…I always just dabbled in a little bit of everything,” Miller explained. “But then when I got to be like 14 all I did was freestyle just ridiculous amounts of hours. And then 15 I started listening to a lot of Big L and Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous and that kind of like inspired me to really want to be an MC and what it meant to be an MC and not just be able to rhyme.”

While Miller has been making music for several years now he revealed that the track that really solidified his place as a rapper is “Donald Trump” which was released earlier this year.  

“See it depends who you’re talking to because there’s like different stages I’ll say and there’s certain jams that go with each stage,” said Miller when asked about which song has had the most impact in his career. “A long, long time ago when I put out ‘Live Free’ which was probably like 2009 obviously I wasn’t able to come over here, but it really started me getting into the whole swing of things and really getting into the game. And then I’ll say when I put out the three videos before K.I.D.S. dropped which was ‘Kool-Aid And Frozen Pizza,’ ‘Nikes On My Feet,’ and ‘Don’t Mind If I Do’ was when I really started a buzz…But I’ll say the jam that really took it to where we are now is Donald Trump.’”

When asked what’s next in his career Miller spoke on his upcoming album Blue Slide Park and the work that goes into releasing something he can “stand behind.”

“Album, Blue Slide Park that’s coming out in the fall. And I just put everything I had into this and really worked my ass off to make this album something that I can stand behind…Because when you’re like ‘this is my album’ you better know that that is it,” he explained.


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