While former Terror Squad rapper Cuban Link may have been laying low for quite some time the rapper still has quite a few things up his sleeves including a possible group with fellow rapper Peedi Crakk and singer Tony Sunshine.

Cuban Link revealed the news about the possible Hip Hop/R&B trio during an interview with XXL Magazine.

“It’s definitely something that we’re looking forward to in the future. Me and Peedi’s relationship always been good. Me and Tony–our relationship had been a little off since all that Terror Squad thing about 10 years ago and we just recently, maybe a year ago, got back together on some, Let’s patch things up,” Cuban Link explained. “Peedi was already down with it. We all been in the game for years, veterans. I think it’s just a matter of time, but it’s nothing concrete yet. It’s definitely something we’re looking forward to in the future.”

As someone who was close to the late rapper Big Pun, Cuban Link was one of several people who voiced their concern over Joell Ortiz’ “Big Pun’s Back.” But in his interview the rapper explained that he was more concerned with the fact that Ortiz didn’t go through the “proper avenues” first.

“The media made it out to be hate, but it’s not about that. Niggas got to understand that when it comes to Pun, that was a very personal relationship,” said Cuban Link. “That wasn’t the music. That was me and my brother struggling up from ground zero all the way to where he took it, the top of the world…As an artist, he’s cool, he’s dope to me, but this is personal. The problem with it isn’t that he’s not showing love, but did you go through the proper avenues? Did you go through his wife at least and asked her?”

As far as music is concerned Cuban Link will be releasing his English album The Missing Link, an EP titled Chain Of Command, and his Spanish album Hijo De La Calle all in the near future.

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