One of the five finalists in HipHopDX & A3C’s “Pick 3” Contest is veteran North Carolina emcee Joe Scudda. Ever the character, Joe’s antics carry into his impulsive stage-shows, which frequently include crowd interaction even after the microphone leaves his hands.

Having worked with Little Brother, Pete Rock and Foreign Exchange throughout the last decade, Scudda makes a convincing case for HipHopDX readers to bring him to Atlanta to party-rock.

Joe Scudda Catalog:

The Authentic Mixtape – free
Not Your Average Joe – free
Resevoir Dogs – free (Along with Jozeemo, Chaundon and Rapper Big Pooh)
Triple Play (2009, retail and digital)

HipHopDX: Tell us a little bit about what 2011 has been about for this point in your career…

Joe Scudda:  2011 so far for me has been all about locking away in the studio and putting everything I have into the projects I’m trying to finish up. I could drop something now, but I’ve been trying to finish up a couple projects and then really be able to promote and give the people the music they have been wanting to hear from me. First, it’s all about the Brown Bag Boys Club that’s almost wrapped, and then the album Now Never Comes. I’m also almost done with a project me and Statik Selektah started a couple years ago but haven’t been able to finish up yet. I just gotta keep working and keep writing so I stay on my toes. So 2011 has been all about getting back to the basics for me – straight beats and raps. Figuring out what works best for me and focusing on that.

DX: What would an A3C showcase appearance do for you, your career?

Joe Scudda: It’s a chance to see Joe Scudda for Joe Scudda. There is no longer a Little Brother. That chapter is done. I have to step out as this is me and that’s it – “Oh, that’s the white kid that ran with Little Brother.” Plus, it’s also a chance to interact with a lot of the fans that fuck with my music. Get done rocking the stage and go kick it at the bar and drink with ’em [and] have fun. Like, I’m gonna have to get on stage and show my fucking ass!

DX: What makes your performances and performance style unique?

Joe Scudda: The fact that if I think it on stage I’ll do it! If I feel like rocking four songs straight and then pulling somebody out the crowd up to shotgun a beer with me, I’ll do it. If I want to jump on a speaker and fall off…I don’t care we gonna keep rocking! Plus I’ve watched and been on tour with some of the best to ever rock a stage – like best stage shows in Hip Hop, period! I know what time it is…this is no rookie shit! Plus, I’m not one of those rappers that comes up, spits, and leaves. I’m in the crowd after the show partying. Drinking at the bar with folks just having fun! At the end of the day, it’s all about whether or not you had a good time! So if it’s me rocking your favorite song on stage or its me getting a round of shots at the bar and shooting the shit, we gonna have a good time.

DX: To someone new to your music, what can you say or show that is convincing to vote for?

Joe Scudda: I am you! I speak for people that wake up every morning and have to get after it! Whether it’s a job, or school and whatever. People that have to grind to get theirs. Plus if you vote for me, find me at the bar. I’ll buy you a drink! [Laughs]

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