Earlier today (August 26) Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller made his first appearance on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to speak on everything from his relationship with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa to comparisons to Eminem.

When asked if he planned on signing to a major label anytime soon Miller revealed that he has no immediate plans to do so and is waiting for things to settle a bit before he makes any major decisions.

“I mean I’m waiting for it to slow down you know. Like for right now things are just building so crazy that I don’t really even know what’s going on,” Mac Miller explained. “Like things are just crazy on the independent level where I just wanna see how far we can take it.”

The rapper then went on to describe his relationship with fell Rostrum Records artist Wiz Khalifa and how it’s a lot less business related than people might think.

“We’re both signed to Rostrum, but I’m not signed to him so I do my own thing and he does his. It’s more just like being homies,” said Miller. “There’s no business aspect of it. We can do music together…I wanna put myself in a place where when we make songs it’s like I’m bringing my fan base to the table and he’s bringing his so we have our own separate thing going on.”

Miller later spoke on Donald Trump referring to him as the next Eminem and how he came to expect the comparisons.

“He definitely thought he was like the coolest from that. He was like, ‘There’s a Hip Hop song called ‘Donald Trump’?’…But people were all mad about him calling me the new Eminem,” he explained. “And I was like first of all how are you taking this man’s words so seriously? It’s Donald Trump. I mean who really cares…Here’s the thing, for me I don’t really care what the whole comparison thing is because I expected that. When I started rapping people were like, ‘Oh, so you’re gonna be the next Eminem?’ I was like, ‘No, I’m just gonna be me.’”

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