Tomorrow August 25 will mark the 10th anniversary of the death legendary singer Aaliyah. Now, one of the multi-talented singer/actress’s greatest collaborators and friends DMX speaks on the loss of Aaliyah and some of the memories they shared together. recently got the scoop on an interview with DMX by The Juice, in which the Yonkers representative spoke on how he first met Aaliyah while preparing for 2000’s Jet Li vehicle Romeo Must Die. X said that not only was he ecstatic to be offered the chance to work with Aaliyah on a film, but that their work on the film ended up leading to their collaboration “Back in One Piece.”

“When I was on tour, her and Joel Silver came to my dressing room to see if I wanted to be a part of the movie,” he said. “Most people would have their people call, but she came herself. I’m like, ‘Is this a trick question? You have to ask me if I want to be in a movie with Aaliyah? Hell yeah.’ We [then] met up in Vancouver to [do] Romeo Must Die…She had a presence on TV that was incredible. It was sexy but kind of gangster.”

DMX also discussed Aaliyah’s lasting impact on the music game. He said that not only was she one of the most comfortable artists to be around, but that her music and work ethic set the standard for the R&B singers of this generation.

“She was easy to talk to and down to earth. Aaliyah made you feel comfortable, with her and with yourself. That’s one hell of a combination,” he explained. “Half these chicks that are doing it right now wouldn’t be doing it. Aaliyah would be on top. As far as I’m concerned she’s still on top.”

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