With his latest album Honkey Kong in stores as of yesterday, Apathy is already thinking about other projects. Speaking with The Well Versed, the Connecticut rapper explained that he is working on a new album with Demigodz, which he says is nearing completion.

“We’re pretty far into the Demigodz album but we’re not done yet. The problem is that we started off with the Demigodz album and made 6 or 7 songs that were phenomenal, then I started working on Honkey Kong and Celph [Titled] started working on [Nineteen] Ninety Now. The Demigodz project slowed down a little and we have to re-energize a little bit because the wind was taken out of our sails. It’s almost done, but there are so many people doing different things that it’s difficult to just finish up the project,” he revealed.

Apathy has already put in studio time for Get Busy Committee’s next album, though he’s unsure of when another Army of the Pharoahs release will surface.

“I have no clue with AOTP because all of us are doing solo things right now. We’re going to do it, but I’m not sure when,” he said. “As far as Get Busy Committee, Scoop and Ryu came out to Connecticut over a year a go and we recorded and pretty much finished, but I’m not sure what’s going on with it. I think Ryu and Scoop wanted to add to it, but since I’m in Connecticut, I’m not really part of that process. We’ve got a track with Busta Rhymes that’s incredible, but it’s kind of out of my hands right now.”

In the immediate future, Apathy will be teaming with Diabolic under the moniker Sleeper Cell to release a new album in 2012. “As soon as I get back from touring I’m going to start on the next album and also in 2012, Diabolic and I are going to be putting out an album, we’ve got a group called Sleeper Cell.”

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