HipHopWired recently caught up with Shady Records sensation Yelawolf following his performance at the Vans Warped Tour. The Alabama rappper gave fans a bit of information about the September 27 release of his commerical debut RadioActive. He also explained how he came to link up with Shady Records/Interscope to release the project.

“September 27 is my freshman release from…Ghet-O-Vision/Interscope/Shady Records [RadioActive],” he said. “We’ve come together as crews, we’ve come together as families and as companies and as people with a like-minded focus to put out this album. I’ve waited a long time to hook up with a company that I felt like understood my vision and understood our vision, the Ghet-O-Vision. We felt like we really found a home with Shady Records.”

Catfish Billy also discussed the level of motivation it took to build up enough of a buzz to sign to a major label. He explained when he first began pursuing music as a career, he set a goal for himself and has yet to give up on trying to realize it.

“It just takes a relentless focus and the determination of a fighter [to get to where I am],” he explained. “In this game, what I wanted for myself wasn’t an easy task. You can set a goal for yourself and achieve based on your own capabilities. What I set for myself, I set a bar higher than I can even achieve. I really wanted to do something that I felt was damn near impossible. I wanted to work toward that with the skills and the work ethic, building a team…gathering people around me that believed in the vision. I’m where I’m at because of those people and my persistence.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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