Oakland, California Hip Hop pioneer Too $hort spoke with Ozone magazine this week. The 29-year veteran of releasing records was engaged in a war of words with former collaborator, San Francisco veteran emcee Messy Marv on Twitter. Marv was apparently calling $hort’s support of peers into question, while $hort offered to meet face-to-face to discuss the matter in private.

According to $hort, after a phone conversation with the longtime rhyme partner to San Quinn, he is still unsure of the dispute’s origin. “I guess it was just a couple of things that built up to [his Twitter statements]. I don’t really know. I just talked to him two days ago and we had about a 20, 30 minute conversation and everything was put on the table. It was a real peaceful conversation, it wasn’t no punk shit, yelling, screaming, nothing. It was just a conversation between two homies. I’ve got my own little investigation I put together [to find out why he’s mad],” said the longtime Jive Records star to Ozone‘s publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Julia Beverly.

$hort suspected two possible motives, most recently a 40 Glocc song he was featured on, “Welcome To California” , where $hort stated that the Bay area was not home to Crips or Bloods. “I guess he took that [to mean] I was talking about him. I don’t know [what he thought]. It went way over my head. One of my Frisco homies told me the other day he was mad at me over the 40 Glocc song,” said $hort, as Messy Marv is affiliated with a Piru Blood gang. $hort also added, “I feel like something happened back in 2007 – this is what he’s telling me.” Four years ago, $hort believes Marv and other area emcees may wrongfully recall being threatened if they did not align with his Up All Nite imprint. Marv has yet to comment.

However, no matter its origins, Too $hort dismisses beef or a battle. He ended in speaking to Marv, “I love you, boy. Keep getting your money and get past this little stuff and make your music. I’m not in a battle.”

Despite that, another Fillmore, California veteran, JT The Bigga Figga has released “Take 1,” dissing Messy Marv. JT, who has released full collaborative albums with the likes of Daz Dillinger and Juvenile, has not released an album in nearly three years.

In 2008, he Messy Marv and San Quinn released Fillmore Hardheads as a group album.

Read and listen to the full Ozone interview here.

“Take 1” can be heard at DubCNN.com.

(August 12)

UPDATE: Messy Marv has released “Class of ’84 (Fuck Too $hort).” The song points out that the Oakland-representative is actually from Los Angeles, California. The song also points out Short’s lack of support for fellow Bay area artists, including MC Pooh, Rappin’ 4-Tay, and others.

The song can be heard at DubCNN.com.