Christopher “Kid” Reid of Kid n’ Play was arrested earlier today in Los Angeles, California.

According to TMZ, law enforcement officials claim the 47-year-old is currently in custody after they visited his home on an active warrant out for his arrest. The reason why the warrant was issued in the first place is currently unknown.

Sources claim that he was “very cooperative” when the police arrived at his home.

UPDATE: Kid’s warrant stemmed from an arrest for drunk driving stop back in 2010. He failed to show up for several important court dates for the DUI, which occurred last July when he blowed twice the legal limit.

He pled no contest to a drunk driving charge and was sentenced to take an alcohol education program, attend AA meetings and pay $1,400 in fines. His recent arrest warrant came from him failing to appear before a judge twice before completing his probation requirements.

He is currently being held on a $26,000 bond.

[August 9th]

UPDATE #2: Kid was released from prison yesterday afternoon, claiming he was the victim of paperwork and branding the mishap a “clerical error.” “I love L.A. Peace to the Po-Po,” he said as he left the police station. 

[August 10th]

UPDATE #3: A warrant has been issued for Kid’s arrest after he blew off a hearing stemming from his 2010 arrest. The bench warrant was issued on January 5th after he failed to appear – the same situation that occurred in July 2011.

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