As a card-carrying member of G.O.O.D. Music, Big Sean has felt the heat from Kanye West to deliver quality tunes. Speaking with, the Detroit, Michigan native explained that his nerves are still rattled when he has to rap for ‘Ye and that, in the end, it’s worth it.

“It’s fucking pressure like a motherfucker working with him,” he said. “Especially when I was first started working with him. I used to always be nervous. He’s fucking Kanye. I used to ride to school listening to him. It’s nerve racking, he’s so harsh and truthful sometimes. He doesn’t hold anything back.”

He recalls first working with Yeezy and reflecting on how he could never live up to his expectations. “When I first started, he used to tell me my music wasn’t good enough,” he explained. “I used to be nervous all the time. Now he tells me I’m the greatest, but it’s something that I’ve really had to earn. He pushed me to my limits musically and that made me the artist who I am today.

“A lot of me wanting to get better is that I always wanted his approval,” he continued. “And he’s a nerve-racking nigga man. He’s a nice guy though, don’t get me wrong. A lot of people get the misconception that he’s not a cool ass nigga. He’s cool as shit. Somebody who would ride me around in his Maybach, get me out the hood, sign me, and allow me to do what I love can never be a true asshole.”

Head to to read the rest of the interview, where he also touches on his mom’s influence, growing up in Detroit and getting fashion tips from ‘Ye.

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