As a member of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music family, Big Sean has the potential to get roped into beefs between label mates and other rappers. But with Consequence lashing out at G.O.O.D. and ‘Ye, the Detroit, Michigan native explains that he’s steering clear of the drama.

“Kanye, that situation with him and Consequence, that’s way personal. That’s not a random dude dissing. That was somebody who was part of the fam, was all in the fam together and then they had their problems,” he told Power 105’s The Breakfast Club.

But he was quick to clarify, stating that G.O.O.D. Music is like family. “We all got each other’s back,” he continued. “It’s really a family business. There’s been times when we got into real arguments about like, ‘Man, this ain’t right, this ain’t family!’ There have been times where people have really crossed the line, it’s been times where we had to really check one another. But he’s respectful, just like family is.”

As for Game’s latest diss “Uncle Otis” that took shots at him and Jay-Z, the “My Last” rapper shrugged it off. “I didn’t even take it as a diss. I took it as him doing what he do. Don’t he got an album that’s about to come out?”

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