Nipsey Hussle is currently working on the follow-up to 2010’s The Marathon mixtape, tentatively titled The Marathon Continues and slated to drop in the next two months. Speaking with Karmaloop TV, the West Coast rapper explained that he’s hard at work in the studio on the release.

“My last project was called The Marathon, and I’m working on a group of records right now. I ain’t titled it yet, I ain’t gave it a name yet, but I might call it The Marathon Continues. It’s going to be a free release,” he said. “It’s coming out within in the next two months at the latest. It might come out sooner depending on how we working. Just new music, though. I ain’t really tight over shit.”

Nipsey explains that he’s not going deep on guest features, but has big records cooking. “Not too many features on this new shit, everything be kinda in-house. There’s a lotta big shit coming. I’m being quiet about the business. I got a lot of music coming, for sure.”

But if he did decide to put in studio time with other artists, his wish list includes tracks with Game, Swizz Beatz and The Weeknd, who’s been in heavy rotation for a minute.

“I’m a fan of Game. I wanna do something with Swizz, for sure. I like The Weeknd. I don’t know what we come up with, I just like they new project. That shit been in rotation for a minute. Other than that, I worked with damn near everybody I came in the game eager to work with, except for a couple of artists. I wanna work with whoever got hot shit, crazy in they zone right now. I don’t gotta celebrity wish list.”

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