It seems Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are supporters of Jay Rock’s new album, Follow Me Home. The two Hip Hop legends recently were filmed together in a studio with Jay Rock’s album playing. Dre and Snoop were then filmed nodding to the tracks and later praising DXNext alum Jay Rock for his work.  

“This shit’s hard. Jay Rock, Watts up! That’s what’s up. This what we’re doing, representing everything L.A., nigga. Jay Rock’s coming. Look out for him,” Dre says in the video, before letting fans know they won’t be let down. “Go buy that nigga’s shit. It’s coming out. It’s hot. You won’t be disappointed.”

Snoop, in agreement, also told Jay Rock that he had the stamp of approval from the veteran California legends. 

“You have been stamped. Now, you’ve been approved. Now go do what you do, nigga,” Snoop added. 

Dr. Dre also approved Jay Rock’s involvement with Detox, as was reported by HipHopDX in February. 

The video can be seen below. 

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