In an interview with Gowhere Hip Hop, Trinidadian born rapper Theophilus London stressed the importance of being a progressive artist and working on projects outside of music.

On top of his various music projects Theophilus revealed that he’s currently working on a line of sunglasses.

“I’m working on a shades line right now that looks exactly like this so this is like a prototype,” Theophilus explained. “But I just try and stay creative…I do a lot of different stuff man. I do a lot man and I just wanna stay progressive.” 

Aside from his upcoming line of sunglasses Theophilus has continued to create music that’s very accessible to the world of gaming, movies, and television. He revealed that his music may even be featured in an upcoming Twilight movie.

“It’s cool man. And that’s why I made this music because it’s very accessible. MTV’s been on board. As soon as HBO heard the song and was like ‘Oh, this is what I want.’ We’ve already had a Basketball Wives placement, One Tree Hill. Now I’m also on the FIFA 2012 soundtrack, Madden. We’re working on this Twilight movie right now,” said Theophilus. “The music that I’m making it’s pop. It has a life in it that can represent a visual. It can represent someone and that’s why a lot of people are doing it.”

During the interview Theophilus also gave his thoughts on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne.

“It’s a brilliant record. And yo the throne is definitely being watched. This is like the best two guys in music. Most powerful people and they’re setting the bar. It’s your time to pass that bar now. Let’s see if you can beat that,” the rapper explained.

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