Gucci Mane was released from prison last week, an occasion he celebrated by heading right to the studio and recording new music. Speaking with Karmaloop TV, Gooch explained where his head is at and what people can expect from him in the near future.

“I got out like a day ago. First thing I did, I just got my feet planted on the ground,” he said. “Went back to the studio, banged out about five records. I got some great writing done, I got some new hits that people need to wait on.”

As for his infamous ice cream cone face tattoo, the 1017 Brick Squad member explained that he didn’t put much thought into the design. “It was just a common day of my life,” he continued. “No different than a normal day. I ain’t put too much planning into it at all.”

Now that he’s back on the streets, Gooch hopes to have a career with longevity. “Ten years, hopefully I’ll still be touring, making music, doing something that I love. Right now, rapping is the thing that I love. Maybe then, I’ll have another passion,” he said, noting how much he loves performing live. “That’s one of my favorite things to do, be live on stage.”

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