Denmark’s Droz Daily Steezin recently caught up with Louisiana rapper Curren$y at the Roskilde Festival for an entertaining interview that touched on everything from Curren$y’s upcoming project with DJ Drama to the well-known celebrity the rapper wouldn’t mind smoking with.

The first half of the interview consisted of Curren$y commenting on a variety of pictures of well-known places in New Orleans and various people throwing up his signature “Jet Life” sign. But the interview later delved into more serious matters including what encourages the rapper to be consistent with his music.

“People tellin’ me. People saying ‘yo, thank you for putting this shit out.’ That’s why I do it because I know it’s not falling on deaf ears,” the rapper explained when asked about his consistency. “It’s the worse when you put your heart into something and you don’t really see results from it, but I’m actually seeing results and meeting people who listen to my music. So that just drives me to keep making more shit cause I think about they reactions to the shit. So it just pushes me to the studio.”

During the interview Curren$y was also shown pictures of actress Jessica Alba, singer Britney Spears, and supermodel Adriana Lima and asked which of the three he would get high with.

“If it’s really just a smoke session I probably wanna get high with Britney Spears, in this condition,” said Curren$y while holding up a picture of a bald-headed Britney Spears. “Now if it’s about getting high and fucking it’s gonna have to be Jessica Alba because…she would definitely help me with some financial backing, but I would smoke weed with Slick [Britney Spears] all day. Better believe it.”

Lastly, Curren$y spoke on the projects he’s currently working on.

“What you can expect from me in the future, Verde Terrace, that’s the Gangsta Grillz I’m doing with DJ Drama. Pilot Talk 3 is in the makes. And I got an untitled project I’m working on I haven’t really smoked it out yet. I haven’t smoked up the title, but it’ll be here in a few joints,” the rapper revealed.

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