British rapper Dizzee Rascal was forcibly removed from a plane at Heathrow airport on Saturday (July 9), and is facing a life ban from British Airways. reports that the rapper was forcibly removed from a plane after verbally abusing a stewardess.

Apparently, Dizzee was on his way to Portugal to the Optimus Alive! festival, which also featured Coldplay and Foo Fighters on the bill. The Maths & English rapper reportedly got angry when he was waiting for liftoff for more than an hour due to technical problems.

Officers arrived after the plane’s crew notified the police. “The singer was verbally abusive to staff,” said an airport source. “This will not be tolerated. He was taken off the aircraft and was not allowed to continue his route on any other British Airways plane.”

“There will be an internal investigation and a decision will be taken as to whether he will ever be allowed to fly with British Airways again.”

According to the rapper’s spokesman, “unprofessional behavior” by a member of the cabin crew “led to a confrontation whereby mutual parties agreed Dizzee leave the plane.”

“He is very disappointed not to be able to perform and apologises to his fans.”

Dizzee may join an exclusive group with Snoop Dogg, who too has been banned from flying BA ever again.

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