Much has been made over Snoop Dogg’s entry to the United Kingdom. Approximately four years ago, Snoop was barred from visiting the U.K. after an incident around how many of The Doggfather’s entourage members could be in a British Airways first-class lounge during a layover. The incident involved the police and it is said that an argument ensued. After a scuffle, Snoop was detained, released and given a warning for using “insulting words.”

Since then, the warning has become a no-fly status, something the U.K. has placed on Snoop citing “character, conduct or associations of the person seeking leave to enter.” The minister of borders at the time said the Long Beach emcee “may act as a focus for public order offenses or violent crime,” according the the Wall Street Journal.

Snoop replied to this by saying he never meant to bring violence to the U.K., noting that he “never had any intention to cause violence or create a threat of it.” But, still, little has changed. In fact, this process is taking longer than it usually does. This has also forced Snoop to lose money in the form of ticket sales in the United Kingdom.

Although Snoop appealed the decision and received good news early. Two judges agreed that British Airways staff and police decisions “precipitated” the incident. They also noted that Snoop has been allowed to enter the U.K. in the past, despite past legal issues. But, the government took this to the Court of Appeal, where it was decided that the judges may have misinterpreted the test of exclusion.

In the next few weeks, expect more news on the matter. A U.K. Asylum and Immigration Tribunal is expected to rule on the case.

In other Snoop news, the recently announced Creative Chairman at Priority Records has been said to owe close to $600,000 in unpaid taxes. According to several outlets, the overall total is $598,309. No comment has been made on this matter as of yet.