With DJ Khaled’s upcoming Cash Money Records debut, We the Best Forever, rapidly approaching release, the Hip Hop personality sat down with Bootleg Kev in an interview to discuss apparent beef between two artists that appear on his album: Rick Ross and Young Jeezy.

“First of all, I don’t condone problems. I represent that love and making good music,” explained Khaled.

“Them two guys, they don’t have problems. …They don’t have problems. People just try to make things into a problem.”

Additionally, Khaled took time to explain what many in the Hip Hop community are curious about: what he actually does. “I’m like the Hip Hop Barry Gordy. I’m like the Hip Hop Quincy Jones,” boasted Khaled. “I put these amazing events together. They just don’t happen.”

“It’s getting in the studio, coming up with ideas, actually having relationships with certain artists.” Khaled added a laundry list of responsibilities, clarifying once and for all his importance to the creative process: “I’m a producer, I’m a boss, I’m a mogul, I’m an artist, I do it all!”

Watch the interview below:

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