While touring with Kendrick Lamar in Canada, California rapper Ab-Soul took some time to speak with The Come Up Show about his recent project Longterm Mentality, dealing with pressure from family, and last but certainly not least the delicious wine that is Moscato.

In April, Ab-Soul released a project titled Longterm Mentality and took some by surprise by choosing to sell the project rather than give it out for free.

“We just kinda feel like we been putting out a lot of music for a long time so it’s about time we get rewarded of some sort,” Ab-Soul explained. “It’s like say you only sold five. I mean I made what, five times five? 25 dollars. So I can take that get gas or something, buy a dub sack. It’s all about rewarding yourself too. Giving the art form some value too. We want to try to maintain a certain level of value too.”

The Come Up Show also asked the rapper to speak on receiving pressure from a family that likely would have preferred that he pursue college rather than music.

“I come from a household where my parents would have probably liked me to go to college and do a lot of other things. You know, but at the end of the day it’s about taking a stand and doing what you wanna do cause this is your thing,” said Ab-Soul. “If you give everybody else the opportunity to pave it you can miss out on it yourself. I pride myself on trying to make a lot of my own decisions and I think my family respect that…You gotta follow your heart, you gotta follow your passion. It’s all love with your people. You gotta take criticism. You gotta take opinions, but at the end of the day you gotta make that decision.”  

Lastly, Ab-Soul shared his thoughts on Moscato the wine he’s given a few mentions to in his music.

“It’s inexpensive. You can grab it up. You can meet up with your lil’ lady or whatever. Pour up a couple of glasses and ya’ll [will] feel alright. And it’s all about feeling good, ya know,” the rapper explained. 

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