The beef between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z has become more clear, as Beans has revealed that Jay-Z refused to release him from Def Jam in 2005.

Speaking with MTV News, the Philadelphia emcee revealed that he asked for a release from the storied Hip Hop label after his release from prison. “When I first got out of jail, I had a meeting, a situation that was already lined up and set up where I could’ve had [a deal] over there,” said Sigel of an opportunity with 50 Cent’s G-Unit. “He wanted to give me a label, a whole label deal … and a whole lot of money too.”

Beans explained that, out of loyalty, he went to speak to Jay-Z first. “I told him I had to roll. ‘If you can’t make that situation happen for me, I gotta leave. I gotta go,’ ” he explained. “I asked him to just let me go — from Def Jam, not from Roc-A-Fella — because he was the president of Def Jam. ‘I want to leave Def Jam, I’m out. You’re the president, you can push that button. Let me get my release papers.’ “

But according to Sigel, Jay had other ideas, and refused to release him. “He was like, ‘Nah, let me see what I could do.’ That ‘see what I could do’ turned into another two years.”

Watch the interview below:

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