So far the year 2011 has brought on various trends including the re-emergence of tattoos in strange places. In addition to the electric triple-scoop of soft serve Gucci Mane got tattooed on his cheek, Yung LA’s immediately regrettable Duct Tape Entertainment tattoo, Diamond’s sideburn bullet and Rick Ross’ Cazal logo, R&B singer Lloyd has inked a mini mural of guns and roses that covers the back and sides of his head. Lloyd revealed his ink on BET’s “106 & Park” with co-host Rocsi Diaz who has previously enlisted the services of Lloyd’s tattoo artist.

“I’m a walking contrast…you know, I go from hard to soft,” Lloyd explained. “I go from guns to roses, which is in my tatt. I like to go from the streets to the sheets. I make street savvy R&B music, but I also like to slow it down and be sensual at times. When you listen to ‘King of Hearts,’ you get a lot of the contrast, which is me. At times it’s very aggressive, like how I opened the album with ‘Dedication To My Ex,’ which says the P-word 52 times. But the very next song is ‘Cupid,’ which slows it back down.”

Lloyd said the memory of his late grandfather helped him get through what by all accounts was a painful experience, as the newly acquired ink runs from the base of his skull to the sides of his head. The aforementioned King of Hearts album was released in stores and online retailers Tuesday, July 5.

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