Despite including it on his debut album Finally Famous, G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean says he didn’t originally want to record the song “My Last.”

“At first, I didn’t even want to do the song,” said Sean in an interview with Billboard. The song’s producer, No I.D., convinced him otherwise. “[No I.D.] said, ‘Do you want to be a mixtape rapper forever, or do you want to make a song that people can really live to?'”

Sean also touched on “hashtag rap,” a style which involves removing the “like” or “as” from a similie in a punchline – a style (very) heavily favored by Toronto emcee Drake.

“People always ask me, ‘Are you mad that everybody took that style or that you didn’t get the credit due?’ ” Sean says. “But I feel like that just goes to show me how far I can go in the rap game. I ain’t even put an album out yet and I already made history.”

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