Last night, the release party for Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun’s new album Monumental turned ugly. According to eyewitness reports, fans enjoyed the show at Tammany Hall in New York City, New York when, following the show, policemen attacked several patrons outside the club.

Though it is unknown what sparked the scuffle, UK DJ/Presented Jay Diamond released a video, posted below, explaining what went down and showing footage from the scene.

“There was a fight outside the club and it got really nasty. We had no idea what was going on in the club, like absolutely no idea,” she said. “Everything just shut down and we were told to make our way out the building, and as we did so, mace was thrown into the building. […] Bascially all the NYPD turned up and fucked up Pete Rock’s wife, is what I heard, and his daughter in the car. There were artists on the floor being battered, women being battered. […] Instead of talking, trying to get people to move, they were saying, ‘Fuck off! Get off the block!’”

Several artists have commented on what transpired. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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UPDATE: According to The Lo-Down, six patrons were arrested and charged with various offenses last night including disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer and inciting a riot. At least five police officers were injured with cuts and a broken nose.

NYPD arrived on the scene after club security called for help with a fight that broke out during the show. Upon arriving, cops found a large crowd and arrested one person for disorderly conduct. The patron struck one officer in the face and broke his front tooth.

Inside the club, patrons said the concert was “peaceful” and that officers used pepper spray to clear the scene.