With a name like Uncle Murda, there are bound to be consequences to the moniker. Finding this out, Uncle Murda became Uncle M, a move that allowed him to avoid the connotation to murder. However, the New York emcee switched back to Uncle Murda soon after. Recently, Rap Radar spoke with Uncle Murda about this name change and in regards to the misconceptions or implications behind his name. 

“It’s always been Uncle Murda,” he said in the video interview. “Uncle M is used, for instance, when I do a couple things with Vitamin Water or Coca-Cola. So, when I did that, I had to be Uncle M…If it’s about that money, I don’t mind taking the ‘Murda’ off.”

He went on to explain that he feels it’s unfair to target him about his name, when The Killers seem to get a pass on radio and in stores. 

“I feel like, you’ve got the Rock group, The Killers. They’ve got records in Wal-Mart, Target, wherever the fuck it is. What sounds worse, Uncle Murda or The Killers? They both sound bad, but shit, if you’re gonna let one rock, let the other rock.”

He also spoke on the misconception he feels fans have about his music, saying he does not only make songs about murder.

“I’ve got other type of music that I make but I don’t get a chance to put it out because the situation ain’t right. So, right now, I just give the streets what they want. I feed the streets. But, I can definitely make other types of music…I’ve got other types of music where I talk about my moms not being here, my grandmoms not being here, my little brother, just how poverty is in the hood, the way society is set up trying to keep you down…There’s a time and place for everything. There’s going to be a time for me to put that music out. But for now, I just gotta dictate policy in these streets first.” 

The video of the interview is below.

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