As Uncle Murda began making a name for himself in Hip Hop, he also took shots at other names. During a recent interview with Vibe Magazine, Uncle Murda described how he felt during a showdown with one of those names he took shots at, 50 Cent. He explained how this showdown could have gotten heated but that he and 50 have since become acquaintances. 

“When I was on the come up, I used to be saying things about 50 in my music. 50 was aware of that,” he noted. Still, despite speaking ill of 50, he managed to get a meeting with Violator management at their offices, where he went in carefully. 

“Now, mind you, when I’m going up there, I’m going up there strapped,” he noted. “I’m not trying to get set up or caught in no situations. I know I done said all this shit about [50 Cent]. So, who comes strolling in the conference room? 50.” 

When 50 asked him if he wanted a record deal, he responded with a rejection. 

“I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m looking for a record deal. Not from you, though.’ He said, ‘What? Word? What’s up? Why? Niggas ain’t feelin’ G-Unit?'” 

It turns out, 50 was not offended by the disses, admitting that he did the same thing earlier in his career, alluding to “How to Rob.” 

“He was like, ‘It ain’t personal, though. I did the same thing.'” 

For more on this conversation about Uncle Murda, check the video below.