Kidz in the Hall recently shipped off to Los Angeles, California to record their upcoming Occasion EP. Documenting the EP’s creation with a web series filmed by Red Bull and Adidas, Naledge explains that him and his partner Double-O have complete creative control over the project, which features David Banner and Esthero.

“We are the label, that’s how we feel, so we have all creative control of what we’re doing right now,” he told Ruby Hornet TV. “The EP that we’re putting out is called Occasion. We filmed an online reality show with Red Bull and Adidas and they filmed the process of us making the EP, which is why we called it Occasion. At first we called it the Special Occasion EP, but the next single that comes out is going to be called ‘Occasion.’”

The Chicago, Illinois native continued by explaining that the EP came from their desire to take hip-hop back to the essence. “We just been making good music. We took it back to basics. We just said, we want to do what we fell in love with hip-hop for, which is the whole idea of us being in the same room and creating,” he said. “It kind of reenergized us to be in L.A. to change scenery, it energized us to go to Canada, which is why every week we were releasing records. We called it Semester Abroad because we were gone.”



The EP’s conception came after Naledge grew tired of the music scene. “I just felt stagnated with the way everything was going, me just being in Chicago, Double-O being in New York. And then a lot of the music that’s been coming out has been uninspiring to me. A lot of the people that were around me were uninspiring me, a lot of the shows I was going to, I wasn’t impressed. And the stuff I was impressed by, it just started getting monotonous. I saw myself creatively going into a hole, so I was like, I gotta get out of there. I gotta get out of Chicago for a minute.”

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