Swizz Beatz previously revealed that he linked up with Jay-Z and Kanye West to record for their upcoming Watch the Throne LP. The super-producer explains that while in the studio, Hov stepped his lyrical game up on the project as if he’s never made a dollar off of rap music.

“He just did that recently. Jay is on another planet right now. I was just working with him and Kanye on they album, and I got to vibe with Jay on some other things. I’ll let him tell you about it. But he just lyrically stepped it up like he didn’t make it into hip-hop yet,” he told BBC Radio 1xtra’s DJ Semtex. “I was like, man, you sound hungry like you didn’t make a dollar yet. And that’s the key to maintaining staying hungry and maintain staying dedicated to the craft.”

That same dedication is what inspires Swizzy, though he’s learned to vary his interests so he doesn’t burn out. “That’s why I do so many things outside of music, because I’m just doing beats, beats, beats, my love for it is not going to be the same. I have to switch it up a little bit and go design over here with Christian Louboutin or go design with Reebok or go design with Aston Martin. Just do different things or go teach at NYU or do philanthropic work or go be with my family. I have to do these different things to keep it all balanced.”

And while they were in the studio, Swizz claimed that there were video cameras on site to capture the magic, and that much of the music was created without any conversation.

“That’s like working with my brothers. I know Kanye for a long time, I know Jay for even longer. To watch Kanye grow to the point of being an amazing, respected artist, and watching Jay-Z, already being a respected artist, advance his craft and to get all of us in the studio, it wasn’t really no talking It was like you know what you had to do and you know what you had to do and I know what I’m here to do,” he said. “It wasn’t really no talking. It was just history being made and the good part is that I seen the video camera around so the world will one day get to see these vibes.”

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