Last month, Canadian underground clique Swollen Members garnered critical accolades with their most recent project Dagger Mouth. Now, Madchild of Swollen Members is looking to take over the rap battle scene at the annual KOTD World Domination Rap Battle.

On August 5th at the XS Nightclub in Toronto, Canada, Madchild will take on world famous battle emcee Dirtbag Dan for the championship title at the KOTD World Domination Rap Battle. Madchild spoke on the his experience with rap battling and the meaures he’s taken to prepare himself for this year’s KOTD Battle.

“For the last eight months, my main focus has been to become the best emcee I can be,” he explained. “Battling truly exemplifies the spirit of hip-hop just like beatboxing, DJing or graffiti art. I can’t think of a better way to challenge myself than to step into today’s battle arena and compete against some of the best talent from all over the world at this year’s World Domination event. The last time I competed in a battle was when I was inducted into the Rock Steady Crew and in order to embrace that side of myself, I felt it was important to really immerse myself in the culture of hip-hop. When I agreed to participate in World Domination Rap Battle, they told me they could make my match just a promotional battle, but I told them I wanted this to be a judged competition like any other real battle.”

Madchild is also preparing the release of his debut solo LP Dope Sick, releasing August 2nd via Suburban Noize/Battle Axe Records.

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