Long Beach, California superstar Snoop Dogg and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania chart-topping emcee Wiz Khalifa were reportedly asked to leave from a Mahattan Beach, California high school recently. LAWeekly reports, with video, that the pair were booted from Mira Beach High School while shooting a video to their upcoming film, appropriately titled, High School. The video reportedly belonged to the film’s title song.

Although the pair had paid a $3,000 per-day shooting permit fee at the public high school, Mira Beach’s principal Ben Dale pulled the plug on filming, after marijuana was involved on the set.

In a statement, Dale said, “It was evident to us that they did not act with professionalism,” Dale told Patch, “and did not understand where they were — a high school campus.” Reports also state that the school’s assistant superintendent asked that footage rapping about sex with older women be destroyed.

There is no word on whether the captured footage will be used by the two rappers, or when High School is set to release. Both Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa recently released albums this year, Doggumentary and Rolling Papers respectively.

Watch video of the rappers reacting to the principal’s orders at LAWeekly.