Young Jeezy, Polow Da Don and Jazze Pha have respectively made hits heard by millions, but they owe thousands in unpaid studio fees where the songs were made. Recording engineers in Atlanta have revealed that the musicians have balked on matching invoices for studio sessions that produced hits including Usher’s “Love in This Club,” Chris Brown’s “Forever” and more.

According to CBS Atlanta, Jeezy owed 11th Street Studio owner and engineer Josh Butler more than $20,000. After CBS asked YJ Entertainment why they ignored the invoices, Jeezy’s company forked over the cash. “You’re listening to music that hasn’t been paid for,” said Butler before receiving his payout.

While Jeezy’s debts were settled, Polow Da Don still owes more than $20,000 to engineer Tony Terrebonne. “It’s a lot of hard work, I’ll be up for three days straight and I won’t get paid for it. It’s insane,” said Terrebonne. Polow’s Zone 4 responded, stating, “Polow always handles all of his business vendors with the utmost respect and timely payment, but this situation is a unique private dispute and as such Polow will not dignify any celebrity smear campaign by comment.” 

Jazze Pha, producer behind Ciara’s “1, 2 Step” and Ludacris’ “Area Codes,” owed an enormous lump compared to others, with $135,000 owed to four studios including Zac Recording. Once CBS asked his management company TSG Financial Management about the money owed, they sent over $2,000.