Canibus has been making headlines lately, but it’s generally been more because of his beefs than his music. The renowned lyricist has been part of two high-profile feuds as of late – one with Slaughterhouse, and one with DJ Premier – and recently took to Conspiracy Worldwide Radio to discuss each one.

As a first order of business, Bis revealed that he was deading his war of words with Slaughterhouse. “I wanted to tell the listeners what recent decisions I’ve been struggling with… I decided to stand down with any campaign against Royce and Joey, and I’ma tell you why. Earlier today, I saw some shit that Slaughterhouse had to say about me, and obviously, I’m frustrated with how niggas talk about respect, and then do a 180 in the same breath. ‘I respect Canibus,’ so forth and so on, and then in the same breath turn around and say ‘he’s finished, he don’t sound like he used to.’ If you say you gonna respect somebody, then say that and keep it there. Once you start to talk about you respect somebody, just keep it there.

“Royce said it himself, Joey said it himself, ‘Yo, yo, Canibus was so good,’ and he was this and he was that and the third…I heard that part. If they’d have said that and left it there, you never woulda heard no response from me,” he explained. “So, you know, I just wanted to put that out there, cuz it’s important for them to know that.”

In the end, Canibus wished the best for Slaughterhouse, who is currently signed to longtime foe Eminem. “Listen, all in all, I want to see them win. I want to see Slaughterhouse win. And I’ve proven that, in spite of my response to the flagrant disrespect coming from all sides about my craft and my ability as an emcee. I’m not a hater, and I’m not looking for attention from them or any of their followers.”

Canibus also addressed the DJ Premier situation, explaining that he felt disrespected, particularly given the fact that he performed at a memorial concert for Guru. “If you was me, you wouldn’t want someone like DJ Premier, after you just worked with him – I just performed at the Guru tribute concert – the day after I performed that, I saw the VladTV shit. I was fuming. And anybody that uses empathy and puts themselves in my position, they wouldn’t want Premier to say that. They would want Premier to either say nothing at all, or say something positive. I don’t see who that hurts except me. When Preemo says that, production slows down, features slow down…it happened, and nobody talks about that though. ‘You shouldn’t have said nothing, cuz Preemo’s the god.” Alright, I’ll tell that to Preemo’s face, but I’ll also say, ‘Yo, what you said was foul, but it wasn’t the truth.'”

Listen to part one of the interview here, and part two here.