Taking cues from Ice Cube, Common, LL Cool J and others, Jadakiss has entered the acting world.

Speaking with Vibe, the Yonkers rapper revealed that he’s already filmed his first role. “I just did a little part in a movie in Philly over the last month, called Must Be The Music written and directed by Charles ‘Roc’ Dutton. Black Thought is in it, Snoop from ‘The Wire,’ Kat from ‘The Bad Girls Club,’ one of the Atlanta Housewives. It should be a pretty good movie,” explained Kiss.

“I got a nice little part. I got some dialogue with Charles. It’s not like a cameo. But ain’t like a Brad Pitt part either. And it ain’t where you just see me sweeping the floor.”

Jada explained that he wants to do more acting, and noted that he has the voice to do voice overs in an animated film. “I can be one of these squirrels… one of these birds, or dolphins or something, or pandas or monkeys, or seals,” he said, laughing.

As for his ultimate role? “King of New York. Just replace Christopher Walken with me. Keep everything the same. It’s just me. Picture me instead of Christopher Walken. That shit would be crazy. You got to redo the whole King of New York with me.”

Jada also spoke about the next Lox album. “I don’t know what’s going on with it. We’re trying to work it out. We’re trying to get to a solid number so we can get working. There are a lot of hands in the pot. It’s just about catering to all of the hands. It’s so many, though; it ain’t really that much money to go around, but we’re going to work it out or we’re going to chop some of these fucking hands off.”

Kiss did add that there is about “an album and a half” of music recorded for the Lox record, and that his next solo project would likely be called Top 5 Dead or Alive.