Instead of a new car or a shopping spree rapper Big Boi’s 16-year-old daughter received something a little more valuable from her father following her 16th birthday and that is her very own record label.

Big Boi and his daughter Jordan Patton have formed Purple Kids a label that will feature artists of a much younger age.

“My daughter just turned 16 years old, and you can see it on MTV’s [My Super Sweet Sixteen], where they get cars, and things that depreciate and just don’t mean nothing,” the rapper explained to Billboard. “I wanted to give my child something that she can grow and build and nurture. So I gave her her own label.”

Purple Kids is expected to launch in a few weeks and will feature 12-year-old singer Gabbie Rae as its first artist. The young singer has thousands of hits on YouTube and even appeared on The Tyra Show as part of a segment titled “America’s Most Talented Kids.”

On top of working with Jordan on Purple Kids Big Boi is also the head of his own label, Purple Ribbon All-Stars.

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