Miami’s Luther “Luke” Campbell, better known as Uncle Luke from 2 Live Crew, added his name to the list of Miami-Dade mayoral candidates earlier this year. As one of eleven candidates, he is currently working hard to prove that this is not a publicity stunt, adding that he is “dead serious,” something he’s been saying since April.  

In an interview with CNN recently, Campbell noted that he feels he can represent for Miami-Dade better than any other candidate that may be running against him.

“I’m dead serious. I mean, that’s my campaign slogan,” he said in the interview. “The reason why I’m getting into this race is because Dade county politics is Banana Republican. When I look at the other ten candidates, I see that I need to be the person running for mayor to represent my city.”

Speaking on his past, Campbell explained that his age has allowed him to grow out of his “days of having fun as a youngster,” adding that he has become a fighter with time. 

“I’m 50 years old right now. I’ve had my time, I had my days of having fun as a youngster, as a rapper,” he noted. “At the same time, I’m a freedom fighter. I fought for the First Amendment, went all the way to the Supreme Court. So people know me as that. They know me as a fighter.”

As part of his campaign, he has proposed a tax on adult entertainers and proposed a legalization of small amounts of marijuana. He has also said that he would like to fight for health care and housing for those in Dade-County who need assistance.